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How to transport 10 harps!!!

I am faced with a wonderful dilemma: “How does one transport 10 harps?”

Now that these wonderful harps have been donated and riggorus work is going into launching the program, there are logistical hurdles to overcome. Such as, how am I going to transport 10 harps, actually 11 counting an instructional harp, all over the desert valley!

I suppose I am now an official carpenter along with the other career paths that I would never think I would go down.

I have dreamed up the idea to build a box that will go into my car. The La Quinta High School Theatre department, under the direction of Kathy Karstens, are helping me realize this dream.

I spent 3 hours walking around Home Depot and beginning my sketches of this box.

Building Materials for the Harp BoxThank you to my Dad for the use of his pick-up truck!!!

4 Plywood boards, 2 2″X2″ pieces of wood, 10 3/4″X3/4″ poles, a box of screws, 2 packages of corner braces, 4 casters, a piano hinge and a latch for safe keeping of these precious harps.


Here are the first “cuts” for this soon to be Harp Box!Harp Box Building

Stay tuned for more updates…

Harp in schools!

Happy New Year!

There is so much to be thankful for and look forward to this year. Here in the desert there are many generous individuals. Years ago a gentleman had donated 19 harps to the Eisenhower’s Lucy Curi Cancer Center. The Cancer Center began a Healing Harps program that gave harp lessons to the community and in turn the students would play for the patients and staff at the Center. Unfortunately this program ended in 2011 or 2012, leaving these harps to sit in a storage room.

These harps have been so graciously donated to the Palm Springs Unified School District for the use in both school districts here in the valley, including Desert Sands Unified School District.


Harpsicle Harps for the PSUSD & DSUSD.

Harpsicle Harps for the PSUSD & DSUSD.

Here is a current photograph of the harps in my harp studio. I will be keeping these harps in good condition for the kids. Harps need regular tuning, string replacements, stored in a place with moderate humidity and cared for in many other ways.


Please stay tuned for more updates on this program.  I am currently writing a curriculum for 3rd, 4th & 5th graders.  I am very interested in ideas of finding an accessible way of teaching the harp.  There are so many possibilities.  What do you do? Please reply below….