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Harp-tallica . “Nothing Else Matters”

A friend of mine from Eastman School of Music created a duo called Harptallica, which is really awesome!  Check them out!  Here is a little sample of my arrangement of Nothing Else Matters.  Enjoy and have a happy Friday!


Harping on!

Ta Dah!  I am learning how to create new things for my website and have decided to start a blog.  When I started to think about the topics to write about, I thought about my current situation.

My husband and I have recently relocated to the greater Palm Springs area.  Moving is not something I enjoy from a personal standpoint, but especially from a professional one.  It is as if I have just graduated from college and I know that there are opportunities out there for me but I must go find each and every one of them.

If you were me, what would you do?

I have come to a conclusion that life is about the personal relationships that we create, develop and maintain.  There is nothing like meeting someone in person. An email or phone call does not begin the type of relationship that can be fostered for years to come. I have found myself traveling around the desert to various venues and businesses, just saying, “hello”. It sometimes feels as if I am selling myself, but in the end I suppose I am.  I know there are many opportunities out there just waiting to begin and I can’t wait!!!

Stay tuned…